Money for Nothing

There could be FREE MONEY waiting for you. Payments, refunds, reimbursements, settlements. Money you were entitled to but never received. Money left in closed bank accounts. Forgotten stocks and bonds. Valuables in safe deposit boxes left behind by mistake.

Money also stays unclaimed because many people inherit but never hear about it. The notification was not sent or sent to a wrong address. A survey done recently showed that about ONE in FOUR people in the US may have Unclaimed Property and Assets. And that business owners often have unclaimed money in each state where they did business. Until recently that money and those valuables were indeed lost to the rightful owners.

But now U.S. States/Jurisdictions and Government Agencies have laws that make mandatory they try to find those owners - or their heirs !

Our App takes you on a true treasure hunt in all U.S. States, at the Fed. Government, en in Canada.

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