Triangle Square

Triangle Square challenges you to put a number of given triangles into a square. Warning: this game is more complex than you think!

A square appears combined with a number of shapes. You must drag these triangles one by one into the square. Two hints can be turned on: one giving a possible solution, the other giving the correct rotation of a shape.

Once a shape is in the square you position it by rotating through gesturing or double click. The higher the level of the game, the more shapes will appear. On the most advanced level also non-triangle shapes will show.

The game has four levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Advanced. The first two levels - Easy and Medium - are free. Hard and Advanced you can add in one buy. Buying these removes all pop-up adds.

Playing forms like triangles and squares is seen by many educational specialists as a good basis for mathematical excellence later on. That is why children in a not too distant past were giving building blocks and such. Now they - and you - can have the same benefit from playing Triangle Square. But more important, it is great fun !

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